Past National Conventions: The 1892 Republican National Convention

Reaching out to midwestern states, Republicans decided to hold their 1892 national convention in Minneapolis. Hosting thousands of delegates and spectators would be the city’s Industrial Exposition Building. The convention began on June 7th and lasted four days.

There was little doubt about re-nominating President Benjamin Harrison, a former Indiana Senator and Civil War general. Though the GOP had suffered big losses in the 1890 midterms, no viable contender emerged to challenge the lackluster incumbent. He won on the first ballot. For a running mate, delegates replaced Vice President Levi Morton with another New Yorker, Whitelaw Reid, newspaper editor and former Ambassador to France.

1892 Republican National Convention Ticket


It is noteworthy that the convention permanent chairman was William McKinley, who four years later would be elected President. The 1892 Republican National Convention was the first for either major party with women delegates. Among the attendees were Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony.

Harrison/Reid lost the November election to former President Grover Cleveland and running mate Adlai Stevenson. The popular vote was 46% to 43% to 11% for other candidates, and 277 electoral votes to 145 to 22 for another candidate.

Article by Michael Zak